Mobile Telecom’s – OSCAR

Mobile Telecom’s – OSCAR

The Challenge:

A blue chip telecommunications company commissioned ECS to develop a custom-built software solution which could manage requests and provide data as mandated by the RIPA Act. Their existing process involved several spreadsheets and manual steps, which were extremely time-consuming to update and error prone. This was resulting in a heavy financial impact due to inaccurate invoicing.

The Solution:

ECS worked closely with staff and developed OSCAR. The bespoke system went live in January 2003, was update in 2009 and decommissioned in September 2015. Throughout its service, no bug fixes were required due to ECS’s ‘right first time’ rigour.

The Benefits:

ECS’s solution provided clear, accurate monthly invoices per agency and met the ever-changing demands of the disclosure requirements, as well as withstanding substantial changes within the company. In its 12-year lifespan OSCAR maintained over 99.99% availability, handled over 335,000 requests and accurately invoiced £15million.

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