Sportsafe UK – IRIS


The Challenge:

SportsafeUK supply, install and service sports equipment nationally. Their on-site services are conducted by over 40 engineers, who used an Excel-based system and emailed daily service reports. This slow, inconsistent process was inaccurate, costly and impacting other business functions.

The Solution:

ECS designed and implemented IRIS; a bespoke, fully integrated software solution, running on tablets. IRIS communicates seamlessly with two internal systems and enables managers to monitor and control the work, with completed reports automatically distributed.

The Benefits:

ECS’s approach in standardising the process reduced the time taken to complete a service report from over 2 days to within 2 hours. It is now far simpler to train new engineers; paper records have been significantly reduced and SportsafeUK have made dramatic savings. The IRIS system has improved their customer experience and the entire business process has become more efficient – with quicker quote generation and faster follow-up on sales leads.

What they said

Paul Neill
Sportsafe UK
Operations Director

I have had the pleasure of working with the ECS Team throughout the development of IRIS. At over 25,000 visits per year across the whole country…the way the tablet creates the report for the customer to see whilst our team is still on-site has received great feedback from our 120 councils in the UK.


Our internal processes have sped up to a point where customers receive their quote and report the same day as the inspection…the report feedback direct from the customers is very positive.


The company is now looking at IRIS V2; this will take the system further forward and increase productivity across the business.”