Fluid Business Coaching – FOAS

Fluid Business Coaching – FOAS

The Challenge:

Fluid provide business coaching to over 100 clients of all sizes. They use ‘The Levels’ – a guide of how to grow a business as created by company owner Ray Moore. To use this guide, Ray carries out an extensive initial assessment through a 2-hour one-to-one meeting and uses his personal expertise to analyse the answers and assess the level at which the business is operating. Ray wanted to transfer his complex thought process and internal analytics into a programme to create a formal Levels Framework Assessment.

The Solution:

ECS spent time with Ray to fully understand the logical steps behind the assessment, how each question was linked and the implications of each answer. ECS used the information to map out a multi-layered logic tree and from this, created an online assessment tool. This user-friendly tool allows clients to complete the assessment remotely, prior to their initial meeting.

The Benefits:

The online Levels Framework Assessment can handle multiple clients and saved Fluid significant time and costs by eliminating the need for lengthy initial meetings.

What they said

Ray Moore
Company Owner

I was struggling to produce The Levels Framework Assessment. It was the missing link in our family of client offerings however I was getting lost and could not see the wood for the trees.


Kirit and ECS simplified the logic and laid out the path to make The Levels Framework Assessment a reality. Kirit has the skill to make the complex simple.