Cookie’s Island – CIMS

Cookie’s Island – CIMS

The Challenge:

Cookie’s Island is a children’s soft play centre with over 1500 customers. They used paper records to record customer details and were not able to track how often customers attended or which services they used.

The Solution:

ECS built a management system: CIMS, and modified the existing tills to facilitate full integration. CIMS automatically logs the full details of services and products purchased by a customer and relates these directly to the customer data. ECS developed a management dashboard that displays the most popular services, top selling products, upcoming bookings and birthdays to allow for detailed sales data analysis. CIMS also controls party booking and generates automatic booking confirmation.

The Benefits:

The system can automatically generate customer reports which enables Cookie’s Island to better understand their customer preferences and create targeted marketing campaigns and promotional offers. Ultimately, the system has given Cookie’s Island the ability to improve their sales and run their business more efficiently.

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